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Yamaha SB-30

Though a few Yamahas have passed through my hands over the years, this is my first in a while, and my first ever Yamaha 4-string. Put simply, once I'd set eyes on it -- in an off-the-beaten-track secondhand shop in western Japan -- there was no way I could resist its alluring curves and simple layout. I'm only human for God's sake! ;-)

I don't know whether its down to its scarcity or a lack of popularity, but there's scant information regarding this bass on the Interweb. The only substantial info I could find (see below) was on a database page on Yamaha's Japanese website. Apart from this, however, there's very little other info out there, excepting occasional smatterings from other enthusiastic owners in Japan.

Anyway, after a quick set-up and a new set of flatwounds it plays delightfully, weighs less than a feather and sounds like a 60's retro dream, and I'm already halfway through composing the soundtrack for "Ocean's Fourteen." ;-)

· Price at time of sale: ¥40,000
· 20 frets
· Adjustable neck
· Volume, tone controls
· Total length: 109.3cm
· Weight: 3.7kg
· Colors: Black, Red or Sunburst
· Manufactured from 1972 to 1973

Yamaha SB-30