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Kala U-Bass

Boasting a Bass Player Editor Award and a slew of other positive reviews, I felt morally obliged to get my hands on a Kala U-Bass by hook or by kabuki. Luckily, this entailed nothing more complicated than selling my soul Dorian Gray-stylee and slapping the resulting moolah down on the counter of my local ukulele emporium.

I wasn't disappointed, and frankly, this all-mahogany low-end monster was well worth my ill-advised cash-raising enterprise.

The blurb from the Kala site, pretty much says it all:

"The Kala U-BASS is truly a groundbreaking short scale (20") bass that produces the same pitches as a standard bass instrument and is tuned in traditional bass tuning, EADG. Available in fretted and fretless models, the U-BASS is strung with proprietary polyurethane strings that incorporate a great bass feel, with balanced tension; they are a true pleasure to play."

By the way, does anyone have room in their house for a large, rapidly deteriorating portrait of me? ;-)

Ken Smith BSR 6TN