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Anthony Jackson - "I Know You, I Live You (Reprise)

As featured on "What Cha' Gonna Do For Me" by Chaka Khan
Warner B7599-25867-2 (1981)

Chaka Khan - What Cha' Gonna Do For Me

"I Know You, I Live You (Reprise)" is basically the semi-verbatim offspring of "I Know You, I Live You," with the addition of a lush and mellow atmospheric keyboard-based preamble.

As Anthony Jackson's bass playing on this track doesn't greatly differ from that of the parent piece, please see the comments on the main page for "I Know You, I Live You."

That"s not to dismiss it out of hand, however, as the keyboard-centred intro provides another fine example of deft chord voicing, and demonstrates how certain notes held through chord changes can be given new harmonic functions depending on the root note. One example of this is the beautiful sus13 chord - a sound that crops up fairy regularly in Chaka Khan's music - seen in bar 4. The Cmin9 voicing of C, Eb, G, Bb, D becomes F13sus merely by altering the root, to give F, Eb, G, Bb, D.

This surface-level simplicity masks a deep musical awareness, and is an indication of the calibre of the musicians that Chaka and producer Arif Martin surrounded themselves with.

Transcription © Stevie Glasgow 2008