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Ken Smith BSR 6TN - "Black Tiger"

As a result of spending a nail-biting seven days checking the Fedex tracking site, I somehow ended up discarding my hard-won atheist credentials and striking a deal with any god capable of getting my new Ken Smith 6-String all the way from the United States to Tokyo without major incident.

Consequently, I am now a firm believer in ALL known gods - including a few who don't get anything like the coverage they deserve, such as the "The Forklift-Damage-Thwarting God of Anchorage Airport" and the woefully neglected Japan-based "God of Slipping Through Customs Without Paying Import Duty."

Sadly, I now no longer have the warm glow of atheism to keep me warm at night as I contemplate an eternity of nothingness. But when it comes to getting your hands on a instrument as fine as this and guarding it against possible Transpacific damage, there's nothing like covering all your bases. ("The pun doctor will see you now sir.")

If you're desperately keen to cop all the specs and details, this link to Ken Smith's website will satiate all your el Tigre Negro-related desires.

Compared to the standard BSR 6TN, this particular bass has been upgraded to a five-piece body and the grade of wood of the top has likely been upgraded too (according to Ken Smith).

I sent a couple of e-mails to Ken regarding this bass and he replied personally in the twinkle of an eye in a friendly and informative manner. That's the kind of service that can tie you to a manufacturer for life!

Ken Smith BSR 6TN