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Fernandes PIE-ZO 3

Fernandes' range of small, portable basses and guitars are a major industry here in Japan, with many players packing one in their arsenal for those times when full-size action seems somehow inappropriate (though obviously, I can't think of any specific examples at the moment...).

I'd been meaning to get one for a while but had been hanging back from buying one of the stock colours in hopes of landing one of these psychedelic little fellas - made in a limited edition of only five!

It took a while to appear on the market, but it was worth the wait :-)

• 648mm (25.5-inch) short-scale neck
• 20 frets
• Volume control, two-way mini switch
• Dual amp/headphone jacks
• Built-in 10W speaker

Click here for a nice close-up picture.

Ken Smith BSR 6TN