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Bass Magazine (US):

Flim & The BB's: "Invention" (ISSUE 8 - AUGUST 2021)
Bass: Jimmy Johnson
As featured on New Pants

Ida Nielsen: "Feels So" (ISSUE 7 - NOVEMBER 2020)
Bass: Ida Nielsen
As featured on 02022020

Barry Sparks ft. Tony Franklin: "Hotwire" (ISSUE 6 - MARCH 2020)
Bass: Barry Sparks & Tony Franklin
As featured on Bass in Your Face

Doug Johns: "A Tall Order" (ISSUE 5 - NOVEMBER 2019)
Bass: Doug Johns
As featured on A Tall Order

Andy West and Craig Pallett: "Zen Walk" (ISSUE 4 - AUGUST 2019)
Bass: Andy West
As featured on Zen Walk

Friendship: "Waterwings" (ISSUE 3 - JULY 2019)
Bass: Abraham Laboriel
As featured on Friendship


Mai Leisz (ISSUE 2 - MAY 2019)
Colin Greenwood (ISSUE 1 - MARCH 2019)

Bass Player (US):


Chicago: "What's This World Comin' To" (SEPTEMBER 2018)
Bass: Peter Cetera
As featured on Chicago VI

Ben Folds Five: "Uncle Walter" (AUGUST 2018)
Bass: Robert Sledge
As featured on Ben Folds Five

The Damned: "Ballroom Blitz" (APRIL 2018)
Bass: Lemmy
As featured on the single "I Just Can't Be Happy Today" (B-Side)

Minnie Riperton: "Perfect Angel" (MARCH 2018)
Bass: Reggie McBride
As featured on Perfect Angel

Take 6 & The Yellowjackets: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (HOLIDAY EDITION 2017)
Bass: Jimmy Haslip
As featured on He is Christmas

MonoNeon: "All I Ever Wanted To Do Was Be A Mystery," "So U Wanna Be A Superstar," and "True Happiness Happens At The End" (DECEMBER 2017)
Bass: MonoNeon
As featured on A Place Called Fantasy

The Temptations: "Shakey Ground" (OCTOBER 2017)
Bass: Billy "Bass" Nelson
As featured on A Song for You

Mr. Big: "Mean to Me" (SEPTEMBER 2017)
Bass: Billy Sheehan
As featured on Defying Gravity

Serge Gainsbourg: "Cargo Culte" (AUGUST 2017)
Bass: Dave Richmond
As featured on Histoire de Melody Nelson

Gentle Giant: "Mobile" (JUNE 2017)
Bass: Ray Shulman
As featured on Free Hand

The Yardbirds: "Lost Woman" (MARCH 2017)
Bass: Paul Samwell-Smith
As featured on Yardbirds (aka Roger the Engineer)

Led Zeppelin: "Communication Breakdown" (Live, Paris Cinema, 1971) (FEBRUARY 2017)
Bass: John Paul Jones
As featured on The Complete BBC Sessions

Free: "Mr. Big" (JULY 2015)
Bass: Andy Fraser
As featured on Fire & Water

George Duke: "Reach For It" (FEBRUARY 2015)
Bass: Byron Miller
As featured on Reach For It

Pat Travers: "Gettin' Betta" (NOVEMBER 2014)
Bass: Mars Cowling
As featured on Live: Go For What You Know

Allman Brothers Band: "Melissa" (APRIL 2012)
Bass: Berry Oakley
As featured on Eat A Peach

Steve Morse Band: "Cruise Missile" (MARCH 2012)
Bass: Jerry Peek
As featured on The Introduction

Ozzy Osbourne: "I Don't Know" (JULY 2011)
Bass: Bob Daisley
As featured on Blizzard Of Ozz

Jethro Tull - "Bouree" (JUNE 2011)
Bass: Glenn Cornick
As featured on Stand Up

Quincy Jones: "Hikky-Burr" (MAY 2011)
Bass: Carole Kaye
As featured on Smackwater Jack

Beck, Bogert & Appice: "Lady" (MARCH 2011)
Bass: Tim Bogert
As featured on Beck, Bogert & Appice

Living Colour: "Cult Of Personality" (FEBRUARY 2011)
Bass: Muzz Skillings
As featured on Vivid

Joe Jackson: "Friday" (JANUARY 2011)
Bass: Graham Maby
As featured on I'm The Man

Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band: "Scorpio" (SEPTEMBER 2010)
Bass: Bob Babbitt
As featured on Evolution

Lynyrd Skynyrd: "What's Your Name" (JULY 2010)
Bass: Leon Wilkeson
As featured on Street Survivors

John Lennon: "Mind Games" (MAY 2010)
Bass: Gordon Edwards
As featured on Mind Games

Jimi Hendrix: "Izabella" (APRIL 2010)
Bass: Billy Cox
As featured on First Rays Of The New Rising Sun

Van Morrison: "Wild Night" (FEBRUARY 2010)
Bass: Bill Church
As featured on Tupelo Honey

Infectious Grooves: "Therapy" (JANUARY 2010)
Bass: Robert Trujillo
As featured on The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move

Squarepusher: "Iambic 5 Poetry" (DECEMBER 2009)
Bass: Tom Jenkinson
As featured on Budakhan Mindphone

Allan Holdsworth: "Panic Station" (OCTOBER 2009)
Bass: Jimmy Johnson
As featured on Metal Fatigue

Phil Lynott/Thin Lizzy (JUNE 2012) online version here

Jean Jacques Burnel (AUGUST 2010)
Marvin Isley (SEPTEMBER 2010)
Tommy Shannon (OCTOBER 2010)
Pino Palladino (JANUARY 2011)
Mick Karn (Part 1) (APRIL 2011)
Mick Karn (Part 2) (MAY 2011)

Bass Magazine (Japan)
"Kokon Touzai Surappa Retsu" (MARCH 2012 - FEBRUARY 2013)
"Stevie no Beshisto Onkochishin Meishu e no Michi" (MARCH 2013 - FEBRUARY 2014)

TOTO: "These Chains"
(JUNE 2015)
Bass: Mike Porcaro
As featured on The Seventh One

John Mellencamp & Meshell Ndegeocello: "Wild Night" (MAY 2015)
Bass: Meshell Ndegeocello:
As featured on Naked Dancing

ONE OK ROCK: "Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer" (MARCH 2015)
As featured on Niche Syndrome

Dir En Grey: "The Final" (FEBRUARY 2015)
As featured on Withering To Death

SCANDAL: "Yoake No Ryūseigun"
(JANUARY 2015)
As featured on HELLO WORLD

Bass: JIRO
As featured on MUSIC LIFE

Nothing's Carved In Stone: "Isolation" (NOVEMBER 2014)
Bass: Hidekazu Hinata
As featured on Parallel Lives

Chaka Khan: "Clouds" (OCTOBER 2014)
Bass: Anthony Jackson
As featured on Naughty

Victor Wooten: "Overjoyed" (SEPTEMBER 2014)
Bass: Victor Wooten
As featured on A Show Of Hands

Spitz: "Cherry" (AUGUST 2014)
Bass: Akihiro Tamura
As featured on Indigo Chiheisen

Dirty Loops: "Automatic" (JULY 2014)
Bass: Henrik Linder
As featured on Dirty Loops

Good Morning America: "Dear Zarathustra" (JUNE 2014)
Bass: Tanashin
As featured on

Darvish-P (Devilish-P): "Mr. Melancholy" (MAY 2014)
Bass: Billy Sheehan
As featured on High Gain Street

Bruno Mars"Locked Out Of Heaven" (APRIL 2014)
Bass: Nick Movshon
As featured on Unorthodox Jukebox

Golden Bomber: "Za V-kei Ppoi Kyoku" (MARCH 2014)
Bass: IKUO
As featured on Past Masters Vol. 1

Kuroyume: "Shōnen" (FEBRUARY 2014)
Bass: Hitoki

LUNA SEA: "Slave" (JANUARY 2014)
Bass: J

Casiopea: "Fight Man" (DECEMBER 2013)
Bass: Yoshihiro Naruse
As featured on Full Colors

ONE OK ROCK: "Deeper Deeper" (APRIL 2013)
Bass: Ryota
As featured on Jinsei x Boku =

OKAMOTOS: "Are You Happy?" (MARCH 2013)
Bass: Hama Okamoto
As featured on OKAMOTOS

Rush: "Limelight" (AUGUST 2012)
Bass: Geddy Lee
As featured on Moving Pictures

Dream Theater: "6:00"
(JULY 2012)
Bass: John Myung
As featured on Awake

The Stone Roses: "I Am The Resurrection" (FEBRUARY 2012)
Bass: Mani
As featured on The Stone Roses

Racer X: "Scarified"(NOVEMBER 2011)
Bass: Juan Alderete
As featured on Second Heat

Larry Graham (SEPTEMBER 2012)
Juan Alderete (JUNE 2012)
Les Claypool (DECEMBER 2011)

DEAD END Tribute (various)
(OCTOBER 2013)
Hiroyuki Isobe (AUGUST 2013)
Stuart Zender
(JUNE 2013)
Chris Wolstenholme (NOVEMBER 2012)