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Atelier Z 20th Anniversary Model: Z-Plus

This is the bass I won for coming second in the two-yearly "Best Players 2009" contest run by Japan's Bass Magazine.

As for the bass itself, the following is a translation from the Atelier Z website...

Limited edition, Japan-made 20th anniversary Z-Plus model. A world-class instrument with a great bang-for-buck factor, made especially to express our thanks for 20 years of support from our customers.

Though made as simply as possible, careful attention has been given to such important areas as neck quality, with each Z-Plus model featuring two KTS titanium support bars for added neck resilience.This also helps eliminate dead spots while improving tone quality.

Furthermore, to help when playing in dim circumstances, such as ill-lit stages, luminous position markers are installed along the side of the fingerboard.

WIth our black Atelier-Z logo proudly sitting atop the headstock, this passive bass exemplifies the maxim "simple is best."

Scale: 34”   
Neck: Maple/Maple 24Frets
Body: Ash 3P (New Design)
Tuners: GOTOH FB-3
Bridge: GOTOH 203B4
Control: 3 Vol. (F, R, H) 1TONE
Color: Natural

Ken Smith BSR 6TN